How to Use Anymail Finder for Promoting Your Content and Doubling Your Traffic

How to Use Anymail Finder for Promoting Your Content and Doubling Your Traffic

We all know that we should be spending a lot of time on promoting content as well as creating it. Some say 50% creation and 50% promotion, others suggest up to 80% on promotion. We’re going to cover content distribution steps that have worked for the best marketers and where Anymail Finder fits in. You’ll know how to at least double your traffic for existing and future posts. We’re seeing that evidence now.

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Advice by the best content marketers that’s proven to work

The key points below were taken directly from Youtube videos of the most successful marketers and entrepreneurs. People who made it work.

We transcribed 37 of their videos and took out key points and turned it into a content distribution series.

Below we cover some of the key articles.

How much time should be spent on content marketing

This is a good starting point.

Sujan Patel explains why you’re not doing content marketing and why you should not write too much.

Key paragraph

“Why is too much content bad? I’ll tell you firsthand; I create six articles a week, and I can tell you how hard it is to get the word out and have enough time to promote content to the market, to do the marketing part of content marketing for six articles.

It’s frankly impossible unless I have a team of three to five people to help me get the word out, or have a huge budget. So, instead of writing a lot of content, write a lot less content.

So, write less, write more — again, make sure it’s well designed, and it’s educational. Get people’s email addresses, and remember: the worst thing you can do is create a piece of content and do nothing else.”

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#1 Content Link Building strategy in 2018? Guestographics

Guestographics are when you send someone an infographic and ask them to add it to their blog. However, you only ask those people who have a strong interest in that area.

It’s simple and very effective way to get that all important backlink and share that raises you up on Google.

It certainly worked on us.

As you may know, we also run and talk a lot about live chat. Someone sent us an email about a live chat infographic they had made. See below both the email and our response.

Actual emails sent

Hi Pardeep

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out like this. My name is Josh Wardini and I am the campaign coordinator for My team and I are currently launching a new infographic that we thought may perk your interest!

It’s entitled, “101 Reasons Why You Need to Embrace Live Chat.” The infographic outlines and explains all the reasons why Live Chat is so useful and imperative in today’s online business climate.

Anyway, I thought this was something you may take interest in looking at or maybe sharing with your audience if you think they would find it useful. Would you mind if I sent it over so you can take a glance at it and see what you think?

Our reply?

Hi Josh,

Happy to take a look and add it to our blog, we were just talking about adding to the live chat section of our blog and we can do a summary and link back to you.



It worked because we are interested in the topic of live chat. He sent us the sort of statistics that would be very useful to us and something we’d enjoy sharing to our readers.

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Buzzstream speeds up the hardest part of outreach

We’re currently playing with Buzzstream alongside Anymail Finder and we believe it’s going to solve the hardest part of getting people to backlink to us. The part where you find them, add them to a database and contact them.

Lets say you have a list of 100 sites to analyse and see if they’ll share your article or link to it.

You have to go to each individual site, find a name, then go find an email, then go upload them to an email sender, choose a template, send the email. Doing that for 100 is a pain.

Buzzstream is helps you build your little black book of contacts for outreach and quickly contact them with the right template.

Anymailfinder finds the emails that Buzzstream cannot.

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Reach out to the top 100 podcasts to promote your video blog

“Reach out to the **top 100 podcasts **that can promote the show.

Give interviews and hustle. By being on podcasts and video blogs, you’ll get more listeners for your show from the show you were featured on.

Scale the crap out of that….”

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10 Steps to promote your content

While Neil Patel’s advice is great, the killer points are on the basic tasks like reaching out to 100 bloggers but also a great point on why you should stop writing your college essays.

Key paragraph

“What you want to do is create a list of 100 bloggers in your space. Email them and say ‘so and so, check out this post, I know you blog on this subject, it might be relevant to your subject’. I would not ask you to blog about it, I ask you to tweet it out. Give them the tweet to copy and paste. A proportion of these people will share it. 5–10% will tweet it out.”

Note, if you find a good blog and then want to find other blogs similar to it, you can use the ‘similar sites’ tool.

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Keep them on the page so your content ranks on Google’s first page

The great thing about this article is that it solves one of the most time consuming and annoying problems in writing content and that’s writing the introduction, which itself points the way to the rest of the post.

Key paragraph

“Here’s the truth. When someone visits your page from google. You have 2 seconds to convince them to stick around. Not 10, not 5 but 2 and if you lose them in those 2 then you lose them for good.

You have to hit them with something amazing right off the bat.

Whenever I need to improve the time on page for an article, I turn to the APP formula.

The APP formula is a proven content introduction framework that’s designed to keep Google visitors on your page longer.”

What is it?APP stands for agree, promise and preview.

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Understand the Psychology of Cold Emailing to get a Response

Susan Su reveals the psychology of cold emailing, showing us what subject lines work and get those responses.


  1. Subject line with a psychological trigger
  2. Preview text acts as another subject line
  3. Mobile first. Optimise for mobile viewing as most emails are opened through mobiles
  4. CTA (one email, one CTA)
  5. Test all aspects

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To build a good outreach list, cross off people who ignore you

Key paragraph

“On the flip side, you’re also going to have people who don’t respond or ever want to share your content so you don’t want to keep emailing those people who are always saying no to you.

If someone says no, or they ignore you two or three times, why would you keep emailing five six seven times right?”

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How to craft a perfect guest post email

Alex Berman shows us what a bad email looks like and how to create a good one

Email template

Hi Alex,

Came across the podcast article you did about Ryan Lee. Loved the section about premium prices.

I am Swati Sharma, a blogger and part-time author who writes content like “Top 10 Tech Hacks”, that’s been featured on Reading through your posts, I thought your audience might be interested in these topics.

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3

Is there a guest section on your website, , where I can contribute articles under my name?

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar