How To Generate Leads Using BuiltWith or Publicwww

How To Generate Leads Using BuiltWith or Publicwww

Let's say you’re selling a very pretty revenue tool that integrates with the Stripe payment system or you're looking for CEOs of companies in the construction industry. You can use a tool like Builtwith to find websites using Stripe or websites mentioning construction. It's a bit like Google but you can download the search results and download only companies along with their contact details and skip the rest of the junk.

First, have a look at this. This is Builtwith showing you how many companies use Stripe and you can, with a paid account, download all 166,000 of them. Websites using Stripe When you pay up and download that list into a big CSV you get the following information:

Domain, Location on Site, Company, Vertical, Quantcast, Alexa, Telephones, Emails, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, GitHub, Instagram, Vk, Vimeo, Youtube, People, City, State, Zip, Country, First Detected, Last Found, First Indexed, Last Indexed, Tech Spend USD. Builtwith export file In other words, you get a lot of business leads and that includes some emails though often info@ type emails. How do you get emails for as many as possible?

There are several methods.

Method 1 is the rapid lead generation brute force bulk method.

  1. Upload the file to and it returns whichever emails it has for that website.
  2. Once the file has finished processing you now have many many more emails but you don’t have their job title. You don’t know who they are.
  3. Upload the file to and let it find social profiles including their job title and other details.


Method 2 is the focused segmented slower method.

In fact, even as I write this I realise I’m not exactly the focused segmented sales type person who could actually do this for 100s of companies but you might be if you’re doing enterprise sales type stuff. I’ve done it for a few and it works well.

  1. Figure out the technology segment and company size most likely interested in your product from that Builtwith file.
  2. Install Dux-soup extensionto be able to google for each company and find their sales manager. This process is documented here so read it to understand what I mean by ‘google for each company’.
  3. After you’ve got a big enough list from Dux-soup, upload that to to get as many emails. When Anymail Finder can’t find emails then use an extension like and enter your best guess into gmail to figure out if their social profile exists (and therefore the email is real).


Send them an email via a product like which does automatic follow ups (send followups or sit there and suffer). Tell them of your amazing product that fits into Stripe and is just right for their sales team.

Hope this all made sense :)

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar