How to set up an Anymail Finder - Google Sheets integration with Zapier

Like most people nowadays I bet your software stack just keeps on growing with every coming month. So isn't it great when you can find a way to cut out manual steps and have your various SaaS products speak to each other automatically?

With our new Zapier integration we can help automate your workflow by turning a Google Sheet of your choosing into an email finder (and this blog post will show you how!)

Step 1 - Log into Anymail Finder

AMF Login

Step 2 - Click on "My Account" from the toolbar

Then head down and select "Zapier Integration" from the menu AMF settings

Step 3 - Select the Google Sheets Zapier Integration

The integration we're walking you through now is the top one titled "Search new rows in a Google Sheet for emails using Anymail finder and add them to a different Google Sheet" so click "Use this Zap".                 AMF zapier integration

Step 4 - Sign up for a Zapier free trial

Zapier trial

Step 5 - Once you're in you'll be directed to this page.

Sync your Google Sheets account with Zapier where it says Search & Select.   Zapier account

Step 6 - Set up your Google Sheet

Before you select the spreadsheet and worksheet, you'll need to set it up. So head over to your google sheets and create a new sheet.

In this sheet you'll need to create two worksheets which you can do by adding it at the bottom using the "+" symbol. I've named them "Search" and "Results" as an example. I've also titled the four columns "Person name"  "Job title", "website" and "company name"  this mimics the minimum required two fields you'd find in the Anymail Finder search tool. Google Sheet setup You'll need to make them column headers for the integration to work. To do this drag down the darker grey column header line from the lighter grey box at the top left of the sheet (just above the number 1) to row one.

Then place an example as a tester in two of the columns, for this sheet I used my name and Google Sheet columns mapping You may as well use this time to set up the second "Results" worksheet too. So head to that one and set up the column headers like so 👇     Google Sheet columns 2 Once you've done that head back to Zapier.

Step 7 - Finish off stage one

Once you've prepared the Google Sheet correctly select the Spreadsheet and Worksheet you need, click "Refresh Fields" and then "Continue". Zapier refresh fields You'll then have to test the trigger to ensure the data you've placed in your sheet can be found. Once you've clicked test you should see something like this 👇 Zapier Google Sheet test Click "continue" and you'll move onto the second step.

Step 8 - Plug in Anymail Finder

Stage 2 should already be set up and look like this 👇   Zapier stage 2 Click continue. You should then be asked to add your Anymail Finder account. If you've already merged your Anymail Finder account with Zapier before just select it from the drop down menu.

If not, select "add a new account from the dropdown menu" and you'll be taken to this page 👇 AMF allow Zapier Click the link on that page to get your connection key from your Anymail Finder account, then copy and paste it into the above box and select "Yes, Continue".

Next you'll need to match Domain, Person Name, Job Title and Company Name to the correct columns. Simply match them up by clicking on each field, for this example you should set it up like this 👇 Zapier mapping Once that's ready, click continue to move onto testing Anymail Finder 👇 Zapier AMF test Here you can test & review the first email you put into the sheet by clicking "Test & Continue". 💡 (This will cost a credit but if you watch the full tutorial for this guide in the Anymail Finder University you'll get a bunch of free ones anyway)

Step 9 - Set the destination for your results in the next worksheet

You'll now need to set up the third stage of your Zap for your results. Once you're on  the next stage do the same as before and select the sheet you used before, but this time use the second worksheet we made called results.

For the fields I set it up like this 👇 Zapier mapping 2 Once you've done that click continue and you'll then move onto testing the final part of the Zap.

Simply click "Test & Review" and it should look a little like this 👇 Zapier turn on zap Once you've done that you'll be able to turn on your Zap!

Step 10: Give it a go!

Once you're all set up you'll be ready to use the Google Sheet like an email finder! Important things to note:

  • Sometimes searches take some time so don't expect immediate results. This is designed to help with bulk searches so do a few at once and then refresh later to see the results.
  • Be careful with the data you paste in the columns that have been setup. Use the columns not programmed into the Zap to move data around.

Apart from that, happy hunting!

Joe d'Elia