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Why choose Anymail Finder?

Pay only for verified emailsAt Anymail Finder, you only pay for verified, deliverable email addresses. Unverified emails, catch-all emails, and previously found emails are free.
Discover more emailsOur advanced email finder tool analyzes various sources to find the emails you’re looking for. All emails are verified before being returned to you, ensuring that you receive reliable and up-to-date information.
Integrate seamlesslyOur robust API and bulk support make it easy to integrate Anymail Finder into your workflow and manage large-scale searches efficiently.

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Best Email Finding tool ever"Best Email Finding tool ever"

Awesome experience with everything actually.

I like all of it's features. The ease of use of their UI, very helpful staff and also their features are just awesome. I couldn't think of anything not great about this product.

Cedris M. - Founder and CEO

Who uses Anymail Finder?

Lead GenerationConnecting with your potential clients is extremely easy, thanks to the various search tools offered by Anymail Finder. Find the emails you need in no time.
OutreachOptimize your marketing strategies by identifying bloggers, journalists, influencers, and website owners, all from a unified platform.
SalesFind the leads you need, connect with them and get what you want with Anymail Finder’s powerful tools.
Human ResourcesFind the ideal candidate for any sector. If they're out there, Anymail Finder tools will help you find them.
Business DevelopmentFind people who can grow you and your business: from investors and influencers to customers and employees.


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Find Emails by Name
Find Emails by Company
{"domain": "", "full_name": "Joe d'Elia"}
200 - OK
"results": {
"email": "",
"validation": "valid"
"success": true

"Find Verified Emails in no time"

"Always good results""Always good results"

Anymail Finder allows us to find emails for companies to contact in our industry. It is a great value for the money! The strengths are the ease of use and that you get free unverified emails that don't use up your credits.

Daniel G. - President

"The software delivers what it promises""The software delivers what it promises"

I am working with event planning groups who look to bring in "butts in the seats" and this service has been super. We have developed voice-of-customer surveys to send out which have returned results in line with expectations both in deliverable rates, open rates and completions. I researched several email append options and happily landed on this one.

Susanna R. - Consultant

"Awesome Product!""Awesome Product!"

Awesome experience so far. I never had any problem with them. What I like about Anymail finder is the pricing on "Guaranteed" leads. If they cannot confirm the emails you don't consume your credits. Then if I don't consume the credits get's carried over the next month. They also have an open API which we can use on our automation which is a great help.

Edmark G. - Web Developer

Frequently asked questions

What is an email finder?
An email finder is a tool that helps you locate professional email addresses. By inputting details like a person's name and their company or domain, the email finder searches and verifies the email addresses for you.
How do I find an email?
To find professional email addresses using Anymail Finder, simply provide the person's full name and the domain name or website. Our tool will then search and verify the contact information for the specified individual.
How accurate is Anymail Finder in finding email addresses?
Anymail Finder uses a sophisticated verification process, resulting in over 97% accuracy. We ensure that email addresses marked as Fully Verified have a bounce rate of less than 3%, and we only charge for emails with a tested deliverability of 97% or higher.
How does Anymail Finder find emails?
We find emails by scraping the web in real-time and using external services. We verify emails by checking them with the receiving server to ensure they are real and deliverable.
What sets Anymail Finder apart from other email lookup tools?
Anymail Finder is fast, easy to use, and more affordable than many competitors. We verify all emails and charge only for verified ones, making it significantly cheaper than competitors who charge for all emails found. This is ideal for businesses with large volume needs.
Can I upload a list to find many email addresses at once?
Yes, you can search for email addresses in bulk using our tool. Simply upload a file containing a list of names and companies, and Anymail Finder will provide verified email addresses along with their verification status in a CSV or Excel format. This list can be easily imported into any CRM.
Can I extract leads and their email addresses from LinkedIn using Anymail Finder?
Yes, Anymail Finder works seamlessly with both LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Our Chrome extension allows you to find email addresses directly from LinkedIn with a single click. You can also export lists of up to 800 leads from regular LinkedIn or up to 2500 leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Both exports include verified emails and various data points in a CSV or Excel file.
How much does Anymail Finder cost?
You spend 1 credit for each fully verified email address found. If the email is not fully verified or has already been searched up to 1 year ago, it’s free. Sign up for a free 3-day trial to test our service. Our plans start at just $14/month, with several options available depending on the number of credits you need.

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