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  1. Customer support response speed

    How fast have we responded to customers over the last 2 years when they've asked a question on live chat?

    Response time

    The median time is 1 hour 15 minutes though actual response time is less because the median time needs to factor in sleep time, weekends where we are a little slower and holidays. We still get back to people the same day for 99% of weekends and holidays but obviously a little slower during christmas.

  2. Signups per day

    We get around 200 signups per day during weekdays. We do have a spam filtering service which blocks attempts at repeated sign ups so it's fairly accurate. The number of signups per day has been increasing for a while.

    Signups per day
  3. How often do we return a result?

    We return a result around 70% of the time when you're looking for an email. Around 1 in 4 results will be a verified email because only 1 in 4 or so servers allows verification.

    Success rate
  4. Popularity of search types

    You can search by name and company name, name and domain, company name or domain only, by job title and domain or company name and more. Below are the different types of searches and their relative popularity.

    Search types
  5. How do you compare to your competitors?

    In this conversation the customer is asking about how we compare to a competitor

    Bulk 3 Bulk 4
  6. How much does it cost if you have a file you want to process?

    You can upload it and find out for free

    Upload file for free
  7. How do I find emails of CEOs, CFOs and VPs?

    You can upload it and find out for free

    Job title upload Job title upload2
  8. How quickly does the file upload give me results?

    Up to 5,000 per hour.

    Fast process
  9. What are verified emails? Do I need to try and verify the ‘not-verified’ ones?

    Verified emails are real because we run checks to confirm they work.

    Verified 1
  10. Can I find emails from Twitter handles? Not from Twitter handles but we have a better alternative

    You can use specialised tools to find the data you need.

    Twitter 1 Twitter 2 Twitter 3
  11. You can buy one-off credits that expire after 30 days so you don’t need to remember to cancel

    Rather than a subscription, which you can cancel at anytime anyway, you can choose credits that expire after 30 days so you don't need to remember to cancel.

    One off1 One off2 One off3