Why Pick Anymail Finder over Find That Lead?

We get it, it’s difficult to directly compare two products that do pretty similar things on the surface. Just like we've done for Hunter.io, we’re here to help you compare the most important elements of our two products to help you make the right choice.

Below are some tables which summarise the key differences between us and Find That Lead, however the most important thing to note is our key feature of giving our users Free Unverified Emails and the fact that we roll over unused credits.

General features

Anymail finder and Find That Lead's general features are quite similar. Find That Lead has a few extra modules, while Anymail finder focuses on the search functionalities.

Anymail finder Find That Lead
Free unverified emails! Yes No
Credit Roll Over! Yes No
Unlimited Team Members Yes No
API Yes No
Chat Support Yes Yes
Bulk Upload Yes Yes
Email Campaign tool No Yes
Prospecting Tool No Yes
Chrome extension No Yes
Free trial 90 free verified emails 50 free requests per month

Search features

Anymail finder has the same Search features as Find That Lead, but it also lets you search by job title.

Anymail finder Find That Lead
Domain Search Yes Yes
Search by Job title Yes No
Bulk Domain Search Yes Yes
Emails from names Yes Yes
Email Directory Yes Yes


Although the price might look quite similar, it turns out Anymail finder is considerably cheaper than Find That Lead because we only charge for verified emails.

Here's how the two lowest plans compare.

Anymail finder Find That Lead
Price $49 $49
What it gets you 1000 verified emails 5000 credits
Number of verified emails 1000 ca. 1000
Estimated number of emails ca. 3000 ca. 5000
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