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Hunter Email? How about real verified emails?

When you get an email using the service, they don't verify if it's real, so 30% to 50% bounce.

Want the real email at half the cost? Use this.

Get server verified real emails from

Why are they real?

Server verified emails are when you ping the server to confirm if it exists.

Can I test it for free?

Yes! Get a free account now here:

Does a server verified email really cost a lot less than a hunter email?

Yes because you only pay for verified emails. The pattern matched emails are free so you end up getting double the number of emails and only paying for the ones that work.

How can I learn more?

See a full comparison of the two services

Below are some key notes.

Anymail finder

Nobody wants bounces. We charge a single credit for finding AND verifying an email and if we can’t verify it, even if it’s real which it often is, we’ll give it to you for free. This means that 10,000 Anymail finder credits are worth at least 50% more than 10,000 Hunter credits and that’s why we have loyal customers. Our main method of finding emails is different and minimises bounces because it’s direct verification. Our additional ‘found on web’ and pattern guessed emails that can’t be verified, are free. We don’t want to hear back from customers that their emails bounced and they were banned by their email delivery service. We don’t like that, neither do they.

Email hunter

Charges you 1 credit for a ‘found on web’ or pattern guessed email and then asks you to spend 1 more credit in order to verify that email really exists. This costs you double the number of credits and typically, a ‘found on web’ email will bounce 25% of the time. Pattern guessed emails will bounce more than 50% of the time. Sending emails that bounce has got people blocked by their email delivery service.