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Anymail finder is an Email Hunter competitor that focuses on providing the most accurate emails.

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We get a lot of requests from Email Hunter customers looking for an alternative and asking for a list of differences.

Below, you'll find information that can help you compare Email Hunter to Anymail finder and make an informed decision.

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Anymail finder focuses on verified emails

While charges you every time it returns an email, Anymail finder only charges for verified ones. All the other emails, we give away for free.

Price Verified Unverified Pattern guessed
Anymail finder $49 1000 ∞ unlimited ∞ unlimited
Email Hunter $49 1000 (or only 500 if you want to verify them)

Email Hunter on the other hand charges one credit for each search that returns at least 1 result, plus one other credit to verify the email.

We get back to you—quickly

Although we are a small team, we spend a great amount of time making sure our customers are happy. This means that if you get in touch with us during office hours you can expect us to be with you within a couple of minutes.

On average, we reply in 3 minutes—including weekends and nights! During office hours, we reply in seconds.

Email Hunter? Not so fast...

We get it—they are a larger company and don't need customers as much as we do, but the most common complaint we hear from people that contact us is that Email Hunter never gets back to them.

Our credits roll over

Our pricing is very generous: not only we charge for verified emails only, but we also allow your credits to roll over if you don't use them during the current month.

With Email Hunter, you'll need to make sure you use all your credits within the same month, or they are lost forever!

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