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Why do 61,000 companies prefer Anymail finder to Hunter?

Anymail finder ONLY charges for verified emails. The rest are free.

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A number of people have asked whether Anymail finder is a good alternative to and we want to show you how they compare.

Only pay for verified emails. On Hunter you pay for guesses. charges you every time it returns an email even if it might bounce. Anymail finder only charges for verified ones. All the other emails, we give away for free.

Price Verified Unverified Pattern guessed
Anymail finder $49 1000 ∞ unlimited ∞ unlimited
Email Hunter $49 1000 (or only 500 if you want to verify them)

Email Hunter on the other hand charges one credit for each search that returns at least 1 result, plus one other credit to verify the email.

Our credits roll over. With Hunter you lose unused credits.

If you get a monthly subscription you never lose any credits at the end of the month.

Let’s say you only used 500 out of 1,000 this month. Next month you’ll have 1,500 to use because the unused credits rollover to the next month.

Also, we charge only for verified emails.

For 1,000 verified emails you might get another 1,000 free pattern guessed emails that are 70% deliverable.

Why do we do this? So we never argue about bounces.

Email hunter?

With Email Hunter, you'll need to make sure you use all your credits within the same month, or they are lost forever!

We will tell you how many real emails are in your file for free

You can upload a file and see how many real emails it contains for free.

Sign up for a free trial account and upload your file and we’ll tell you exactly how many real verified emails are in it and how many free pattern matched emails are there.

Email hunter?

You need to pay first and then after you’ll see how many email it produces and later on, only after you’ve sent them, will you see how many will bounce.

You don’t have to subscribe to a monthly plan

You can do what you want on Anymail finder.

  • Pay only for the emails in a single file you uploaded
  • Pay for just one month
  • Pay monthly
  • Get all your credits upfront to use over the year
  • Top up credits at any time.

Getting all your credits up front by buying an annual plan on Anymail finder is like buying credits with a 12 month expiry. Perfect for those who don’t want to rush.

Also, if you are on a monthly plan and want to add extra credits just for that month, you can do that too.

Email hunter?

With email hunter you pay monthly or annually and you get only a set number of credits per month and those credits don’t even rollover.

We get back to you the same day

We get it—they are a larger company and don't need customers as much as we do, but the most common complaint we hear from people that contact us is that Email Hunter never gets back to them.

We spend a great amount of time making sure our customers are happy. This means that if you get in touch with us then we get back to you that same day.

Below see our actual response time for the last 2 years. The median first response time is one hour and 15 minutes and that's also considering that we take queries from around the world and do actually sleep at some point. Even taking into account the christmas break, we're still getting back to people the same day, every day in December. Response time

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