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Thousands of companies trust Anymail finder every day to get verified emails.

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Only Real Emails Count

Only emails that are 100% verified cost a credit so you know they won’t bounce.

Free Pattern Matched Emails

We only use the pattern if at least 70% of emails at that domain fit that pattern. If we can’t verify them with the server, they are free.

No Need To Subscribe

If you only wanted to use us once because you have one file to upload, you don’t need to subscribe and you can pay for emails just in that one file.

What's the difference?

Free Unverified Emails
Credit Rollover
Free Trial 90 free verified emails 50 free requests per month
Unlimited Team Members
Bulk Upload
Email Campaign tool
Prospecting Tool
Chrome Extension
Domain Search
Search by Job title
Bulk Domain Search
Emails from Names
Email Directory
Price $49 $49
What it gets you 1000 verified emails 1000 requests
Number of verified emails 1000 ca. 250
Estimated number of emails ca. 3000 ca. 750

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