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Verified, or it's free.

We only charge for emails that have an average deliverability of over 97%.

97 %

We believe in offering accurate data, and we put our money where our mouth is. If we can't verify a result with the server, we'll give it to you for free.

This leads to you only paying for emails that have a deliverability of over 97%.

Types of emails we return

average deliverability (emails that won't bounce)
  • Found on the web Free


    These are emails that we have found scraping the web.

  • Company email Free


    We could not find an email for the particular person, but the domain appears to have a company email (e.g. team@) that accepts emails.

    This is somewhat common with smaller companies.

  • Pattern matched Free


    We use our existing database and other sources to find the most common pattern for an organization.

    We only use the pattern if at least 70% of emails at that domain fit that pattern. That's why our pattern matched emails are the best. And free.

  • Email recognized by server


    The server sends us a positive response to our query, meaning the mailbox exists. These emails are the real deal, and will have a bounce rate lower than 3%.

We only charge for these last emails.

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