Anymail finder

Verified, or it's free.

We only charge for emails that have an average deliverability of over 97%.

97 %

We believe in offering accurate data, and we put our money where our mouth is. If we can't verify a result with the server, we'll give it to you for free.

This leads to you only paying for emails that have a deliverability of over 97%.

Types of emails we return

average deliverability (emails that won't bounce)
  • Pattern matched Free


    We crawl the web and identify all emails listed on public available pages. We use these to determine the most common pattern for that particular domain.

    We'll be honest—these emails are not accurate, but we return them for free as you might still find them useful.

  • Found on the web Free


    These are the original emails that were found on the web. They yield a better deliverability, but could still be made up.

  • Company email Free


    We could not find an email for the particular person, but the domain appears to have a company email (e.g. team@) that accepts emails.

    This is somewhat common with smaller companies.

  • Email recognized by server


    The server sends us a positive response to our query, meaning the mailbox exists. These emails are the real deal, and will have a bounce rate lower than 3%.

We only charge for these last emails.

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